Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Best secrets for Imperial Agent class finally explained

Coming 20 December 2011 is Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that is taking the universe by storm. Choose between the light side of the Jedi or the Dark side of the Sith, any action that you take may either become your last or a victory to live another day. The story starts before the conception of Darth Vader, focusing on the player, your morality instead. No matter which class you are in, your actions and decisions are the ultimate measurements of your light or dark spectrum.

Choosing a species to play with can be daunting, for The Old Republic has nine species in the universe for you to pick, but playing human would allow you to choose any classes in the game. Choosing other species would limit you to only some classes. If you were an avid Star Wars fan, you would be able to guess which species would fit into certain classes.

Enter the Imperial Agent for the Sith Empire, choosing to be an Imperial Agent would require you to have intellectual skills and quick with your mouse. For you will need to think outside the box for to sabotage or assassinate people, and have a quick mind to help your colleagues in time of need. In SWTOR, any action or decision you made will affect your relationship with non-player characters and the outcome of a mission.

From the Imperial Agent, you can choose between specializing to become a sniper or an operative. A sniper requires are sharp mind and sharper sniping weapon; becoming an operative, you would have stealth and technologies at your side. In SWTOR, the Sith Empire spares no expense in helping its Imperial Agents becoming best at their job, for the Empire needs efficient spy network and the Imperial Agents are their secret weapons.

Playing as an Imperial Agent you have the X-70B Phantom Ship to navigate through the planets, it is radar resistant to prevent detection. It is a sleek and advanced, allowing you to fly through planets and spy without people knowing. The Empire in SWTOR spares no expense in your outfits and weapons, and you have the best communications and hacking tools to help you with your mission.
Choosing to play as SithEmpire's Imperial Agent means that you have a sharp intellect and quick response. You will be required to infiltrate into places and organizations with varying disguises, and sabotaging when directed. No matter which specialization you choose, you are still required to be sharp, because the element of surprise is your friend.

Playing as an Imperial Agent, each win would help the Sith Empire gain more advantage and landscape. Hence, each decision you make will affect the outcome of the mission, and the ending of the game. An Imperial Agent is true to the Empire, but more importantly true to oneself. Choosing Imperial Agent in this case would mean that you are tied to the Sith Empire more tightly that most other classes.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Old Republic - Top Game Information Now Available

This latest game to hit the screens is SWTOR a regal battle between the fighter who dwell in the dark worlds and the lords of light. The game is based on the battle between the fighters of the Galactic Republic and those of the Empire. The game is in the pre-release stage and it would be anyone’s conjecture as to how the players will be. It is seen that they are set in a different mold with regards to powers and “promotions” are concerned but basically the action is more like what one really likes.

The Galaxy is being threatened once again and it is a battle between the Empire and the Republic in this game. The Galactic Republic is backed by the Jedi Knights who usually fight on the side of the light and protect the galaxy from the Empire fighters who are trying to fill the corners of the galaxy with the dark powers. This is the plot and one will be able to see the various angles of action without being told.

Exploring the various planets during the game where all the action takes place is sure to be filed with fun though one willnot be able to make any predictions at this stage. These represent the ascending levels and moving on to another planet will mean that you are moving onto another level. If your space flying skills are up to par then you should be able to make it through the initial stages of Star Wars: The Old Republic, when you will be alone. Once you reach the second stage you will get yourself a SWTOR companion to go by the indication given in the pre-release. The fighters themselves have powers which are varying. Some of them also have magical powers and it seems that there may be more to this game than the normal MMO game.

You could pre-order the SW:TOR game and choose between three variations of the game. The game will have 5- day early access and will depend on the date when you redeemed the code. Dromund Kaas, Alderaan, Tatooine and Tython are some of the planets where the action will take place. If you find your way up to the top you will get extra powers. This is the basis of the game. The action involves a lot of negotiating between the meteors and the planets. You still have to get out of the line of fire of the enemy ships. This will be tough at first but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to do some delicate maneuvers yourself.

This is proving to be one game which is really entertaining but everyone is keeping their fingers crossed. Get your dose of fun and fill your hours with exciting action from across the galaxy. Fight the enemy whether they are dark forces or the forces of light and find those limits of enjoyment for yourself. At least you will become a better action hero and will able to master the flying skills which are necessary to remain on top of the world.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best SWTOR Strategy Guide - Aeon Guide Review

I've been reading various Star Wars: The Old Republic guides over the past few weeks, and unfortunately I've found only one of them to be useful enough for me to recommend it to other players. This guide is called Aeon Mastery Guide, and is currently by far the best strategy guide for SWTOR I've came across.

Aeon Mastery Guide is really very helpful when it comes to knowing every part of The Old Republic. In this guide you will find many different chapters with a lot of info and strategies on classes, crew skills, leveling, credit making, flashpoints, player versus player combat and even more. All these guides are highly useful in learning to play this game, and it doesn't matter if you're a beginner player or more advanced, you will undoubtedly find a lot of the outlined strategies new to you.

Many of the tips contained in this guide simply can't be found elsewhere -- believe me I checked! The author of this strategy manual has clearly been playing the game for a year or perhaps even more, and the stuff he's seen and experienced is remarkable. It really shows how players can indeed hoard a lot of secrets and keep it to themselves, but the author of Aeon Mastery Guide really is the first one to go ahead and reveal this stuff to the public.

I honestly recommend you see what Aeon guide is all about on its website and decide for yourself whether it's worth downloading or not. Many other SWTOR websites have also been telling people to get this guide which is just another reason to seriously think about it! My recommendation, as I've already mentioned, is that it is 100% worth it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Strategy Guides 101

Possibly the most frequently asked question when it comes to SWTOR game is whether you need a guide to tell you how to play the game. While most players will simply tell you to get in the game and learn it one step at a time, that's really not the most efficient way to excel at The Old Republic.

The best way is the use a quality SWTOR strategy guide, and fortunately for you this site will tell you all about them, provide free strategy guides for Star Wars: TOR as well as review those that aren't free. Using a great strategy guide will ensure you stay ahead of your friends and other players. There will be literally millions of players competing against each other in this exciting new game and unless you really know what you're doing you will fall behind quickly. If you want to clear out high-end raids when your friends are still working on their first flashpoints using useful and helpful guides is the only way.

Make sure you learn how to play SWTOR most efficiently even before you create your first character. You'll thank me later!